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Pit bike parts shop is to choose a pit bike used in a place that can be reached personally … because as far as the seller can be honest and reliable, nothing is better than a thorough view and test of the used pit bike that we want to evaluate. Also sending a used pit bike is a very simple operation that could be very expensive if you do not know who to turn and how to prepare the pack.

Let’s go ahead … and let’s create a small guide at the maximum cost of a used pit bike depending on the state of the vehicle, age, and mounted components. If it is true that everyone can decide to sell their things at the price they want, it is also true that there are market prices for well-defined pit bikes

Old Bike Pit with 125 engine and non-adjustable Chinese suspensions. This kind of used pit bike often represents the key to access the world pit, as the maximum price we can estimate about 500 euros, but the pit must be set, that is, it must not have engine problems, it must lightly turn on and gears must to enter without problems and also not to have chassis problems, such as swingarms or similar robes, this case the price of the used pit bike goes down further.

Old bike pit with 140-150 engine and non-adjustable Chinese suspensions. This is definitely the category of used pit bikes most present in Italy. These used pit bikes are the most popular because it is “use and costume” of Italian motorcyclists to pursue the engine first, so who might have bought a used pit bike 125 often and willingly then changed the engine leaving all the rest unaltered … here so we often find these pit with good engines but with ridiculous bicycles. In this case, the recommended maximum price is 700 euro, so spend about another 250 euros of good suspension and brakes to have a used pit bike of all respect with which to have fun on Sunday with friends

Pit bike shop

Mobster New bike pit with 150 engine and non-adjustable suspension … roughly the same thing as the previous paragraph … but what do I mean by “recent”? I mean the pit bikes with a perimeter trellis frame in tubes and aluminum swingarms … these in fact weigh a lot less than the old perimeter, we talk about 10 pounds less, and then they are better finished in motor attacks, swingarms etc. ..and they should always and always be chosen for a slightly higher price of around 150 euros, so we say a total cost of 800-900 euros.

New bike pit with 150 engine and adjustable Chinese or Italian suspensions. This used pit bike range represents for many the access pit in the competition world. Suspensions are often the main price difference in the world of used pit bikes. We can make a small distinction … between Chinese adjustable suspensions (Fastace, K2, DNM) and Italian / European (Marzocchi, Paioli, Extremetech, Mupo, Ohlins, Sachs etc.) used does not exceed 1000-1200 euros, a used pit bike with suspensions and maybe even Italian brakes is around 1500 euros or more, depending on the layout … It is not unusual to find pit bikes used with Italian fork and Adjustable DNM Chinese mono shock absorber … because an Italian or European shock absorber costs only 800 euros. Often on the track ask me “But a pit bike to start running as much as it costs?” And I always say that with 1500 euros you get something good. I have a lot of friends who have started competing with pit bikes for 1500 Euro even with excellent results.

Pit Bike Bike. And here we may be talking for months: D A used pit bike used for tracking can be an “almost compulsory” step for those who have entered the world of pit competitions on a continuous basis. If you buy a new pit bike bike can cost you 3,000 euros, it is also true that many pilots, and many homes take away their used pit bikes for the previous season at really interesting prices. A used pit bike used must have: Good and worked suspension, good non-Chinese brakes and original carburetor (Mikuni or Keihin on all) … and the engines? On the processed engines you could open a separate chapter (maybe we will do it as well) but often and this kind of used pit bike is sold without a motorcycle, just a bicycle … because that’s what really makes a difference. Prices start at 1500 euros for used pit bikes without a motorcycle up to 2000-2300 euros for a used pit bike complete. Is worth? Surely you … because often you buy in these pit the preparations that the team or the pilot has made to the chassis or the

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